Our Products
All our  products  have been fully vetted, for purity, safety and efficacy, so you can be confident you are purchasing the best quality product for you and your family.

Essential Oil/Aromatherapy

 Over 100 in-stock Essential Oils - We only carry the finest quality and selection of Certified Organic, Ethically Harvested or Fair Trade Essential oils.

Over 20 Essential Oil blends (no carrier) designed and formulated specifically for us.

Over 20 different carrier oils, from Moroccan imported Argan to Rice Bran, as well as Organic butters and waxes 

Bottles/boxes/tins/jars - one of the largest collections of packaging materials in the area, from roll-on bottles to brush-tops.  Available in plastic, glass and metal.

Diffusers/jewelry - Hand-Blown glass Nebulizing diffusers as well as cold air diffusers, lava bead bracelets and diffuser necklaces

Essential oil Carrying cases - padded cases to protect your oils in sizes from 8 to 32 bottles 

Books from Novice to Advanced

Supplements/Herbs/Vitamins/BioEnergetics from:

Hemp Fusion
Herbalist & Alchemist
Host Defense

Nordic Naturals
Oregon's Wild Harvest
Pure Encapsulations
Trace Mineral Research
Yerba Prima

Facial/Skin/Body care products from:

American Provenance
Andalou Naturals

Dr. Plotka's

​              .....and many many more!